Sustainability and economy as partners in Greenport Venlo

Etriplus is an energy company established in the Greenport Venlo area. The objective of Etriplus is to develop energy production, infrastructure and energy savings with the aim of providing renewable energy and price continuity to companies in the Greenport Venlo area. Etriplus (Greenport Energy BV) is the energy consortium of DCGV, Alliander, Greenchoice, Arcadis and Ekwadraat. Our objective is to develop an attractive proposition that will strengthen the competitive position of companies in the Greenport Venlo area.

Our conceptual approach is based on the Quatras Energetica roadmap: energy savings, production of sustainable energy, energy from the environment (energy exchange with other companies can optimize energy consumption) and fossil energy for the remaining energy demand. An energy concept based on these principles delivers cost optimization, due to lower energy demands, price continuity and a lower carbon footprint. This will give companies in the area a long-term licence to operate.

Etriplus was founded in 2013 by the area developer, the Development Company Greenport Venlo (DCGV), and the private companies Alliander, ARCADIS Netherlands, Greenchoice and Ekwadraat.